Friday, June 8, 2012

Amidst all the fun of hot sunny weather, pool time, and cookouts.... reality has been hanging out in the background.  The reality that is that I'll be sitting for my board exam in less than a month.  It means many more hours/days/weeks of studying, taking 5 hour practice exams, and then sitting through what's sure to be the toughest exam I've ever had the pleasure of tackling.

This would explain why I spent Friday evening on my deck.
With nothing but this monstrosity of paper keeping me company.  Ok, and a little cold beverage too.
At least it was a nice warm summery night.  I've always loved studying outside, and now that I've finally finished my deck it is my perfect little secluded naturey study spot.  The only distraction is playing "Guess what animal is making that sound"; oh, did I just make that game up?
That's the view off my deck.  My backyard is home to entire families of deer and turkeys, but I can see downtown from my front windows... and drive there in 5 minutes.  It reminds me of what makes the city of Pittsburgh so incredibly fantastic.

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