Thursday, June 21, 2012

A milkshake never tasted so good

This little cup has been the highlight of my day.  I had to endure an endodontist appointment this morning.  (Take care of your teeth kids- root canals are no fun!)  That was followed by a TB test and FBI fingerprinting for a new job.  It was also "sweat on the eyelids" kind of hot outside, and I did a lot of walking.
Milkshake only- I'll spare you the pictures of my crooked smile.
With 90+ temps and my mouth still half numb from anesthesia, the obvious treat was a cappuccino milkshake from the best ice cream shop in Pittsburgh the world. Seriously, if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, you deserve a visit to Dave & Andy's.  If you're not hungry, just walk by to smell the fresh waffle cones; even that would be worth the trip.  

My favorite ever flavor is the black raspberry cookies and cream.  Yes, that's just one flavor, and I highly recommend it.  There are new flavors all the time though, lots you've probably never seen anywhere before.

Disclaimer: I am a physical therapist; not a dentist.  A dentist would probably advise against immediately bathing your teeth in creamy, sugary, coffee flavored goodness minutes after a dental procedure.  Probably.

Now back to studying for the afternoon.  Though I'd much rather be back where I was yesterday afternoon...

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