Monday, June 18, 2012

99 Workout

I had seen the "99 Workout" popping up a lot on Pinterest.  The image drew me in with the whimsical colors and fun layout.  How hard can something be if it's that pretty?
Don't be fooled.  This workout means business.  It was well into the 80s outside, so I swapped the run for 11 minutes on the elliptical in the AC instead.  I followed it to a "t" aside form that though, and finished in just about 65 minutes.  It felt tough while going through the reps, but despite being red and sweaty I didn't feel exhausted at the end.  Let's be honest though, 99 reps of anything is going to feel tough while you're doing it!

Totals: 484 jumping jacks, 484 crunches, 484 leg lifts, 44 pushups, and a just over 8 minutes of wall sit... plus a 11 minute cardio burst to top it off.  Not too shabby for a quick 60 minute workout!

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  1. I'm going to do this tomorrow with my class but I will change a couple of the exercises.