Sunday, September 16, 2012


I think I've finally started to settle into my post-graduate life.  With a school-based position, it has been a hectic and fast adjustment to the new job with the start of a new school year.  We are starting into the 4th week of school already though, and it's going so fast!

While getting summers and school holidays off is the obvious perk to working for a school.  I'm finding new perks on a daily basis..

- I drive by Costco on my way home every day.  The nearest of our dearest Costco's is 30 minutes away, but now conveniently on the drive home.  Clearly a weekly stop is necessary.  Now all I need is a conveyor belt to move my purchases from car to kitchen.  I hate carrying groceries...
What I drool over before heading for the fresh fruit and veggies.
- My butt is out the door at work at 3:30 every day.  It's like I've discovered the holy grail of extra time, extra hours magically appearing every day.  It is such an incredible change from getting off at 7pm!

- I work 5 minutes from a lovely and spacious YMCA.  It's busy enough to give me good people watching while I run, but it's quiet enough that there are always plenty of open treadmills.

- When it cools off a little more, I can also use the cute town I work in to take after-work runs.  It boasts a major piece that my own neighborhood lacks... sidewalks!  Oh, and the best frozen custard ever.

- The frozen custard joint next to the YMCA also serves Mexican food.  Mexican+Custard = Heaven.  Don't doubt it until you try it!  I've successfully resisted stopping here for 3 weeks, but I imagine one day I'll just really need it and it will be there to save the day.

- The hubs bought me a cute new messenger bag for me to carry back and forth to work (that matches my gym bag), and I treated myself to a new lunchbox.  With breakfast and coffee in hand, I feel like I am moving when I leave my house every morning.
6am move out every morning
Question of the Day: What are your work hours?  Pre or post work workouts?
I work 7:30-3:30.  With an hour long commute, I can pretty much guarantee that morning workouts will never, ever happen.

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