Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday- is that possible?

I promised I would be back with new, happy things.  It's a fresh week, and I am putting all of last week long behind me.

Since being cleared to start running again a few weeks ago, I have been on a roll.  My leg is feeling great, which makes me feel great.  And the ability to get my feet on the pavement, that just makes things that much better.  The pavement part helps too- we've had some ridiculous January-February weather this year.  I ran on Super Bowl Sunday in capris and short sleeves.  Yesterday, I don't think it reached 30 degrees.

On to the rest of the good.

1.  I hit 2 miles.
And then I hit 3 miles.  I'm trying to ramp slowly and work in plenty of weights and cross training, but I feel great!

2. Before heading out for more than 1 mile, it was time for new shoes!

The friendly man at the running store was a huge help, and I think I'm in love with my Brooks Ghost 4's.  Just don't tell the hubs he's not the only love in my life.

3. Back to running, I can finally get to wearing all the running clothes that have been hanging out with the tags still on.
I am really loving these North Face capris right now.  I am usually pretty frugal with my workout clothes, but these are just such an amazingly nice quality pair of capris.  Bonus that I actually snagged them off the clearance rack at REI!

4. I planked for over 4 minutes!

5. I joined a gym.  More precisely, I joined about 8000 gyms.  I found an absolutely fantastic deal/membership through my health insurance that lets me join a bunch of different gyms for one super-duper low price.  I only joined one near my house so far, but I'm excited to check out about a half dozen more between my house and work.  With the 20+ mile each way commute, it would be nice to have a place close to work or at least in between.

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