Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm a loser

Today was a rest day after hitting the gym hard the last few days.  I haven't been this sore in a long time, and it really hurts feels pretty amazing.  With the tackling of a new challenge, I had a new fire under my feet to get serious in the gym again.  My abs hurt when I laugh, my coffee mug feels like a 10 pound weight, and my quads burn on the stairs... time for a rest day.

As for the new challenge... I joined a group of friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends for a "Biggest Loser" style challenge.  There is a small fee to join and money prizes for largest percentages of weight loss in 16 weeks.  The hubs joined as well after he took it home with a win on the last challenge.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get a ringing endorsement with those that I've mentioned the challenge to.  I realize that I really can't drop a huge percentage of my body weight, and I've conceded I won't be racing for the win.  I don't consider myself overweight, and I'm not in it to win it!

I'm in it for the motivation to get healthier and commit to a gym routine.  I am way too awesome at talking myself out of stopping at the gym after work.  Weekly weigh-ins will keep me accountable.  I also like the idea of tackling a healthier lifestyle with the hubs.  It makes things so much easier when neither of us is asking for nightly pizza or ice cream!  

I did let myself have one last indulgent ice cream bar before weighing in last week... and a huge root beer and an entire order of crab rangoon.  If you've haven't had one of these Costco ice cream bars, you really aren't enjoying life to the fullest.  For the dozens of times I've eaten at Costco, I don't know how it took this long to discover this little slice of heaven.  Hand-dipped in chocolate and almonds- sign me up!
Half eaten before I paused long enough to take a picture.
Half the bar is half as big as my steering wheel!  And for $1.50 you too can have half your daily calorie intake (870 by the way).  Despite calories, it was so hard for me to walk out of there yesterday without an ice cream bar to eat on my way home.  I ate applesauce instead... disappointingly so.

Question of the day: What's your favorite way throw your healthy-eating caution to the wind?
That ice cream bar ranks right  up top right now!

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