Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm not a Black Friday shopper.  Inconsiderate people drive me bonkers and I never really need anything, so it's best for everyone if I just stay in bed.  Sleeping is one thing I do love more than shopping.

This year though... this year I went BIG for Black Friday and replaced my driveway decoration with a 2013 Ford Escape.  And no I didn't go out at 1am to buy it or stand in line, win-win.
It was a sad goodbye to my beloved Cavalier.  It was my first car, and it has been so good to me for over 6 years.  I won't miss the manual door locks or having to physically wind down my windows for certain.  Despite the huge upgrade, my heart is a little sad without my "little engine that could".  We were also so darn close to hitting 6-figures together!
99366... we were so close!
My new commute had me concerned though.  I am driving 35+ miles each way, much of it off the major roads... and it is Pennsylvania after all.  We get snow, and I felt like 4WD and a reliable car were just a must at this point considering my long and early morning driving habits on back roads.

Oh, and I'm finally a grad school graduate... I deserved a new car!  Actually, the hubs had to cosign because I didn't have enough credit, despite having excellent credit.  To which our lovely salesman told the bank "But she's a DOCTOR!"  That didn't work, but showing the dealership my diploma did get me a nice little rebate for being a recent grad!

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