Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gold Star kind of day

Tomorrow is pajama day at work.  Yep, pajama day.  Unfortunately, I bought new too-small pj pants the other day, and I was convinced buying a new pair was a legitimate reason to not go to the gym today.

And I started to drive toward the mall.  I had a last second change of heart though, and I turned right instead.  I ended up pounding out a run on the treadmill, sweating my butt off, and running what is probably my fastest 5 miles ever.  It felt great.  Going to the gym is rarely the wrong choice... and when I say rarely I mean only when I'm knock-me-down sick or running on no sleep.

I just need to keep repeating the recently overused mantra...

I regret that workout.
                                       - Said no one ever

Question of the Day:
I gave myself an imaginary gold star today for not screaming profanities in pain when one of my students smashed by finger at work.  What accomplishment big or small earned you an imaginary gold star today?

Lamest excuse you've made to not do something you should?   ... like shopping for pjs instead of going to the gym.

1 comment:

  1. I think my work place definitely needs to adopt pyjama day!! :O