Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy healthy new year

Happy New Year's Eve readers!  I hope the end of 2012 has left you happy, healthy, and ready for the new year ahead.  If 2012 hasn't quite been your year, I hope you're ready to own 2013!

I am happy and ready to take on 2013 with some fantastic things in the near future... not so much on the healthy.  We made the drive to the mountains yesterday afternoon for our annual New Year's trip.  We had a fantastic amount of fresh snow and great friends.  Unfortunately, the loving hubs drove me home mere hours later when I was doubled over with an awful stomach bug.  The hubs is awesome, awesome, awesome for repacking the car, leaving our friends, and driving the 90 minutes home at midnight.

But that means no sled riding, excessive eating, or dance partying for us this year.  It's nothing but crackers, ginger ale, and a 'House Hunters' marathon on HGTV.

Less excitement, but much more time to reflect on everything I am so blessed to have experienced in 2012 and making exciting plans for 2013!

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