Monday, June 27, 2011

Clean Up Day

Still not feeling too stellar today, but I was trying to smile through the day... even if it did mean a pit stop at MedExpress on my way home after getting off work at 7.

There was at least one moment today though when I really had to fight back a laugh.  I'm starting to think I should start keeping a record of all the hysterical things my kiddos say at work.

Kiddo: It's clean-up day.
Me: Oh, do you have to clean up all your toys and room and things today?
Kiddo: No, I have to clean up my act.

That kiddo is only maybe all of 5 years old.  I was dying of laughter on the inside.  Those parents also win my unofficial "Parents of the Day" award for creativity!

Medication- check
Bowl of soup- check
Chocolate milk- check
Bed and Lights out... on my way!

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