Monday, June 20, 2011

Man up Cupcake

I was really close to finally starting my studying for the big, ominous Comprehensive Exam I have coming up next week.  No matter that every classmate I've talked to actually started studying weeks ago.  I'm really unsuccessful at doing things I don't want to do; I'm stubborn.  Studying will be on that "don't want to-do-list" everytime.  So it seemed the perfect time to pop back in for a post!

In case anyone was wondering, it was NYC that I woke up in on Saturday morning.  Ok, ok, so it was really Jersey City, NJ because the Plaza was all booked (I wish), but we were on the Path and in NYC as soon as we were out of bed!

We spent the weekend walking miles upon miles to burn off the Magnolia Bakery banana pudding (heaven in a cardboard container FYI) and Crumbs Cupcakes.
We finished off the weekend with the original reason for this trip... for me to see, in concert, the heart-throb crushes of the first grade version of me.  Yes, my husband is really so awesome that he manned up and took me to see NKOTB.
While we were in NYC, we also checked out Times Square.
Explored Little Italy, which I looooved!

 And of course, ate more cupcakes.  Fuel, cupcakes are obviously the best kind.

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