Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love my (almost) job

Yesterday I had a 5 year old take me across a rickety bridge, climb up and jump off a mountain of rocks, leap over the mysterious hole, jump into a pile of green leaves, and climb the spooky mountain.  We also used a plastic phone as a flashlight because it's obviously dark on the spooky mountain.  We also squirted one another with Monster Potion to keep the spooky mountain monsters away, but we grabbed the wrong bottle and accidentally turned ourselves into "butterfly monsters".  Being a monster makes you hungry so we also ate imaginary Raisin Bran out of a cone with a plastic fork while standing on one foot, because that's the only way to eat cereal.

Today, I started the day with crawling around on the ground with a 1 year old for half an hour, and followed that by singing the Alphabet Song approximately 25 times.  Then, my new favorite kiddo brought me a grape slushie from Sonic, which was so very appreciated after spending a half hour running, galloping, and climbing a giant pirate ship with him outside.  (And don't worry, my favoritism is based solely on how many frozen drinks I receive and how cute their tag-a-long baby brothers are.)   Then I wrapped up my Wednesday in the same way I always do, in a 92 degree pool, having push-contests with a 7 year-old boy and talking like a horse.

I also received my first stipend check in my account today.  I almost forgot that they're actually paying me to do this.  And to think they'll pay me even more when I have a degree and a license next year!

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