Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It ain't always Pretty

The hubs is in the home stretch of his Biggest Loser style weight loss challenge, and he's pushing hard to the end.  Even if I wasn't ridiculously biased, I'd still say he's kicking some major booty when it comes to the competition.  Aside from just aiming for first place though, our household is majorly benefiting from his hard work.  We've got fruits and veggies coming out of our ears, and I've felt major peer pressure lately to get a daily work out in, even when I don't feel like it.

I've ventured into the world of P90X workouts recently.  Let's just clarify upfront that I am in no way actually doing the real 90 day deal, and I have no interest in the nutrition plan or whatever it is they try to sell at the end of the workout.  I like a lot of the workouts though, and they keep me focused for a solid hour so I pick and choose when I'm looking for something different.

Last night I got home a little late and didn't have much time before I needed to get to sleep, so I reached for the AbRipperX workout, which is only maybe 16ish minutes.  Um, and despite having what I think is pretty decent core strength, I struggled to achieve or maintain a lot of the positions, let alone actually getting reps in that position.  Maybe I'll give it a second try, but my thoughts now are that I can put together a better core workout on my own.  All I got from AbRipper was red cheeks and a bad hairdo.
 My goal today was easy enough- have a better workout.  Step 1?  Eat a cookie.  Which is more impressive, the fact that I managed to self-portrait w/ my Iphone while my camera is taking residence elsewhere or the fact that it's June and I still have half the Girl Scout cookies that I bought?
I tried KenpoX for the first time tonight, and I actually kind of loved it.  I was able to do everything and even able to complete most reps.  I had my heart rate up, and I was definitely breaking a sweat.  I see myself coming back to this one often when I'm bored.  Bonus, I now know how to throw a jab-uppercut-backkick-punch-supercalafragalisticexpialadocious
Be afraid, I would be.

More importantly though, I felt FANTASTIC after my workout.  I didn't look pretty (and probably didn't smell it either) but I sure felt great, and that is what matters!

Anyone else still hoarding Girl Scout cookies?  By making it to June I think I've beat any previous record by at least 3 months.  Oh Samoas, how I love thee.

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