Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Favorites

Friday Favorites sure is a catchy name, but really, Friday is already special enough.  Friday, stop being so selfish.  Share some of your awesomeness with Mondays.  Mondays are so hated; they really need some love.  Now presenting Monday Favorites, until I forget about it next week.

1. Sleeping In: Alright, so I understand I may be alone on this one, but I get to sleep in a little on Monday mornings.  Don't worry though, I make up for it by being at work until 7pm every Monday night.  The good news is that traffic is pretty darn light by 7pm, and I can still make it home in time for......

2. The Bachelorette: I;m actually not all that into television.  I can always think of a list of 10 other more productive things I could be doing besides sitting in front of the TV.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette though, they are my weakness.  I can't get enough, even if I spend half the show yelling at these silly boys for being such jerks!

3. The Chocolate Drawer: In the clinic where I am interning, there is a chocolate drawer.  I don't eat much chocolate, but when I do crave it, I need it immediately!  Enter, the chocolate drawer.  I'm in love.  My current fave is Dove chocolate covered caramels.  Partially because they are so very delicious, and partially because they come packaged with happy little sayings.  Today's, it made me smile a big cheesy smile; hopefully no one was looking or I may soon be referred to as the creepy intern instead of the awesomest one.  No mind that I'm also the only one.
...and no I can't figure out how to turn that the right way!

4. My Patients: Not to be confused with my patience, my pint-sized patients make me smile on a daily basis.  I was working with a 4 year old little boy this morning whom I hadn't met before.  I had my hand on his knee while we worked on some seated strengthening exercises when he whispered, "Hey, this looks like a train!"  The "this" he was referring to?  My engagement ring.
 Ring = Train.  Creativity points to the kiddo.  Then he told me he liked my necklace because it had so many pretty colors.  Holy Moly do I love my kiddos.  I dare you to spend a day with them and not smile.

5. Looking Back: One of my favorite parts of Mondays is spending time daydreaming about the weekend past.  It's too soon to look ahead to the coming weekend, but it's nice to think back about the fun already had.  This past weekend's highlight?  Taylor Swift at Heinz Field with my 2 "baby" sisters and a few other lovely ladies.  Caution: You may be blinded if you look any lower than the hem of my shorts.  They are either glowing with some white radioactive material, or my sisters and cousins are just spending way too much time laying by the pool! (Thanks Amanda for the picture I stole from you without asking)

And there you have it, Happy Monday!

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