Monday, October 31, 2011

Have you had your 6 daily servings of pumpkin today?

Today gave a new meaning to 'case of the Mondays'; it was day full of good things!

1. It's Halloween.  This is one of my favorite holidays, even ranking up there above Christmas thanks to all of the ridiculousness, sugar, costumes, and pumpkin flavored ev-er-y-thing!  Including the pumpkin pie Clif bars I greedily ordered in bulk from REI.  Oh so much yummy!

2. I finally had my appointment with my ortho this morning and he all but ruled out a meniscal tear (happy dance!).  Since last weekend, my pain has largely subsided to 0/10.  I am having better and worse days but the pain was far from constant by 3 days s/p. An MRI was still ordered but only after a long chat about the pros and cons of meniscal surgery, as well as the specificity of special tests for meniscal tears.  I felt like I was taking a practical exam!  I'm still keeping my workouts low key until my follow up next week but hopefully it will just be some PT and good to go.  I really just want to be sure that my I'm not making anything worse while exercising.

3. Did I mention that it's Halloween?  It was the perfect excuse to wear cheesy themed jewelry and fuzzy striped socks... and take bad pictures.

4. Trick-or-Treating and Halloween are the perfect excuse for every child to cancel their PT appointment today, meaning I ended up with an overwhelming 2 kids on my caseload.  That translates to getting lots of paperwork done, leaving uber-duber early, and getting home in time to enjoy the trick-or-treaters!

So my evening luckily included a bowl of Twix, Pinterest, and a piece of cheesecake enjoyed on my front steps which are tastefully covered in the ugliest carpet still surviving from the 70s!

Now... gearing up for an early bedtime; this weekend was way more eventful that I was prepared for!

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