Saturday, October 22, 2011


I worked with my kiddos from 8-1 this morning.  That's the end of my physical activity for the weekend.  Thanks to my bum knee and a monstrous sized paper due on Halloween I won't be moving anything but my little fingers all over the keyboard this weekend.  Don't the faculty realize Halloween is a week long+ celebration?

So you'll find me cozy on the couch, with my face buried in a chai latte in my favorite blue mug.
 With frozen corn on my knee because let's be honest, no other "ice pack" conforms better than those frozen kernels!
And giving the pretty-little-pinkness a serious workout!

And when all of that is over... I can finally relax, enjoy one of my favorite holidays, and focus on getting this knee back in one piece!

On a much happier note, this lovely lady will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon with me in May!
Um, flashback a few years, yes.  Suz is a high school friend and she's ready to run the full in May and if I can swing my schedule the right way I'll be heading her way to run the NYC13.1 (I think that's what it's called?) with her in March!

Need some entertainment for your Saturday?  Go to youtube and search "disney surprise fail".  Then laugh, really hard, at all the kids that would rather go to Chuck E Cheese, Chattanooga, or stay home instead of going to Disney!

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