Tuesday, May 8, 2012

48 hours later

Everything below the waist hurt yesterday, everything.  Thank goodness I'm busy being a stay at home lazy bum wife and studying for boards right now.  I give high praise to anyone that goes to work on the day after they run a marathon!

Thankfully these shorts arrived yesterday, and I was rocking it out home alone in full-on leg compression.
CW-X Pro Shorts and my Running Skirts compression socks (picked up a few pairs on a great Schwaggle deal)
They are the CW-X Pro Shorts, which I found for a steal of a deal on Amazon.  I'll try to get around to a full review once I've gotten a little use out of them, but I can honestly say I felt an instant difference after slipping these on yesterday.  I could walk up the stairs without using the bear crawl!
So much fruit has been consumed in the last 48 hours.
Aside from still have an insatiable appetite, I'm feeling worlds better today.  After taking a total rest day yesterday, I actually made it out of the house today- yay!  I warmed up with an hour of shopping at Target. Yes, walking counts as exercise.  I did hit the gym after as well for a nice slow and easy 30 minutes on the bike and a long stretching session.  I also treated my feet to a hot epsom salt soak, and they thanked me.  I was cruel to them this week!

I'll eventually get down all the details from Sunday.  Knowing that this will not be my last race or my last marathon, I do want to get all my thoughts and feelings out before I forget them!  For now, my favorite picture from Sunday.
Around mile 4.5ish, after crossing the 9th Street Bridge
The hubs was out taking pictures at miles 4.5 and 25 throughout the day, from the start until shortly after I passed mile 25; what a trooper!  You can find all of pics on his site, http://www.hodnick.net/sports, with digital downloads and all kinds of prints for steal of a deal prices.

Do I have to disclose that I got mine free with the "Married to the Photographer" discount?  Sorry, that's one discount that non-transferable.

Question of the Day: Do you buy your race photos?  Never?  Always?  For momentous occasions like first full or major PR?

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