Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cliff Notes

I haven't disappeared, and I haven't spent the last two weeks at home thinking about what marathon to run next.  Ok, so I've done that second part a little bit.  Lest anyone forget there's more to talk about than running a single marathon, here's the Cliff Notes (remember those!?) version of the last week or two.

1. Roadtrip!  A few days spent in Baltimore to "warm" a PT friend's new house and celebrate her upcoming fairytale-inspired nuptials.
Princess Bride
2. Bargain Shopping.  I saw this ruffled white trench and knew that I pretty much needed it in my life, especially when I saw the price- under $20!
Running capris make any outfit
3. Purging.  I've cleaned and decluttered almost every last inch of my house in the last few weeks.  We're having a yard sale on Friday/Saturday this week, and it should be pretty much epic in size!
A 'pre' picture of only half of only one of the spare bedrooms full of stuff
4. Breakfast food!  I've been cooking breakfast food constantly, multiple meals a day.  I can't get enough baked oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes!
Fresh blueberry pancakes are one of life's most wonderful little pleasures...
5. Selling myself and studying my bum off.  Now that graduation is comfortably behind me, I have two huge tasks loom in the near future.  The first is passing the ominous board exam, and the second is landing a job to put that license to use after I pass.  Major stress all around here on this one.

Question: Do you love to purge or are you more of a hoarder?  Somewhere in between?
I love to purge; I find it cathartic, energizing, motivating, and all things wonderful.  The hubs is closer to a hygienic hoarder.  I'm working on him.

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