Friday, May 4, 2012

Ready or Not, here I go

I officially finished Marathon training with an easy 2-miler around the neighborhood this morning.  It was another hot one too- over 70 degrees by 9:30am.  They better be right about the cooler weather moving in!

After washing off the morning run, I was off for the race expo.  I really like that the expo runs 2 days, allowing me to not move off my couch tomorrow if I don't want to.
I don't know how the free swag compares to other races, but I was pretty giddy about the free foam rollers that were being handed out.  I snagged the last one, and I consider it reward for getting there literally minutes after the expo opened.
Participant shirt, check.  Bib number, check.  Nervous, check.
And I'm back to debating this again.  5 hours is still my goal, but I'm also freaking out over the relative "heat" that is possible.  73 degrees felt like running in a sauna this morning, and my body really hates being overheated.  Would it be wrong to write "Dear God, please let me finish" on the bib instead of my pace group time?  No?

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