Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

It was a short easy run, but my marathon outfit got its last trial run before Sunday.
Marathon Goal #4: Be super visible so the hubs can find me for pictures and that anyone that even just wants to pretend to know me can yell and cheer for me!  I'm also a little excited about my coordination and details which have nothing to do with training.  I just won't mention how tempted I was to buy the yellow Wave Riders yesterday...
New Bic Band!
Fact: Stripes make you run faster.
It was a hot one too, 85 degrees when I made it back to my car!  Not ideal but I knew it was only going to be a short run.  I also had my eyes, and stomach, on a little treat I had been craving.
Pineapple, Lemon, and Papaya generously topped with fruit, coconut, and white chocolate goodness.
My favorite fro-yo was only a block from my car, not that I did that intentionally or anything.  My frequenter fro-yo habit also got me that mound of goodness for a whopping 65 cents.  I also devoured the entire thing within about 5 minutes.  Couldn't let it go to waste and melt!

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