Monday, May 7, 2012

I am a Runner of Steel

What an incredible day yesterday was!  It was a hot, sweaty, painful, and emotional 26.2 miles, but it felt so good to cross that finish line and know I am now a marathoner!  

Ok, that's a lie.  Crossing the finish didn't really feel good at; I actually felt pretty terrible.  I started to hyperventilate, and thank you God for the wonderful girl that poured a jug of cold water over my head after I crossed.  All I could tell myself was "Keep moving, go find Nick, it's going to hurt so much worse once you stop moving".

That being said though- I was, and am, so incredibly proud of myself!  No matter how bad it might have hurt, I finished (no sag wagon!) mostly in one piece (I'll miss you toenails!) and I crossed the finish line running (that's going to be one seriously ugly picture!)
Well intentioned, but was almost gone before I even started running.
Lots more details and pictures to come.  The hubs was set up at miles 4.5ish and 25ish, and got some great pics of me... and just about everyone else!

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