Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Go Time

Run if you can,
Walk if you have to,
Crawl if you must,
Just never give up.
- Dean Karnazes

I wish I would have found that quote earlier in my training, but I know I will be repeating it over and over again in my head tomorrow morning.

Everything for pre, during, and post is set out and ready to go.
Except for my GPS, which is still plugged in because I have this crazy fear that it will magically lose its charge overnight.  I also had a major dilemma deciding how to carry gels.  I ended up pinning them to my waistband and if I decide I can't stand it, at least I can just toss them without having something to hold onto (I was contemplating a Banjee or armband or belt).

Dinner of banana protein pancakes smothered in Maple Peanut Butter has been, well... the place is clean.
All excess energy has been redirected from being nervous to foam rolling, stretching, and painting my nails to match my outfit.
Oh yes, I really went there.  10x
I have been able to relax all day today, and I've had lots of time to contemplate what will make tomorrow a success, failure, or anything in between.  With a forecast high of 79 degrees and knowing I won't finish until 12:30-1 at least I'm trying to convince myself that crossing the finish line is a success.  If it's in 5 hours or 6 hours doesn't matter.  The slower my time tomorrow, the harder I'll be able to crush it next time!

Oh yes, I said next time.  I may have spent the morning researching races... but for now, let's just get through tomorrow!  Bed time with 7.5 hours to sleep before a super early wake up call.

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