Monday, December 27, 2010

Early celebrations

I received a wonderful (not much of a surprise) early present from the hubs before Christmas.

It was a trip to a beautiful place.
With wonderful views of the city... views which I failed to capture with much semblance of beauty.
I'll admit I have no idea which year this is from, but here's a picture of me dressed as preggo snowperson, posing with a Super Bowl trophy.
Did I mention it was freezing last Thursday night?  Because it was actually much colder than that.  I think we topped out around 25 that day, and kick-off was 8pm.  Brrrr.
Oh, and the hubs was there too.
Along with some other good looking guys... whom all happen to look alike when they wear matching sweats.  I prefer a kicker/punter myself anyways.
We had a blast and my boys kicked a lot of Carolina butt..... but I think I'll be back to visit again in slightly warmer weather.  Shall we try August or September next time, Heinz Field?

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