Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I got my butt on the elliptical after dinner tonight.  You would think that with this monster of a thing about 5 feet from my bed I might be a little more motivated on a daily basis:
But I'm really not.  In fact, the hubs like to use it as a really fancy shmancy clothes hanger, and I find it incredibly useful for lying out my jeans to dry.  That's right, we're "those people" sometimes.  I'm currently on a massive streak though, if massive equate to 3 days.  3 days worth of very, very short workouts.  I wouldn't have guessed that after 5 semesters of just not "having time" to work out, I may actual mange to get myself moving again... during finals weeks.  Who am I to complain though.  As a bonus, tomorrow is a guaranteed workout with a rec soccer game in the plans.

So we'll just call it 4 days and go to bed knowing I'm on the longest exercise streak I've been on in approximately 1234567890 years... or at least since undergrad.

Maybe I can go back to being as classy and mature as I was back then to...:

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