Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've been running non stop for the last two days, but not on the street, the treadmill, or a trail.  I've been running in circles shopping.

Monday... left at 9am and rolled back in the driveway sometime after 8pm.  The loot:
Tuesday: As soon as I had my workout and breakfast behind me this am, I was back out again.  I probably wouldn't have been so motivated but I wanted to be back through the city and back on "my" side of the tunnels before rush hour... and I had to get my brother's present before I go to his house tonight!  So this was today:
Then came my favorite part... wrapping.  I actually do love wrapping, all the paper and tape, bags and bows.  Unfortunately, the size of our living room doesn't leave a ton of extra space, so we've been stacking presents in the corner instead of "under" the tree, though now we've spilled over to under the tree as well.

Looks like we know a lot of very lucky people!

I also just blew my nose and found confetti in my tissue- sounds like Christmas spirit to me!

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