Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mud and Cupcakes

Well I suppose I've now arrived!  My writing and journaling has evolved a long way from a little pink locked diary under my mattress to my new leap into the blogosphere.  I'm up for exploring a new outlet, and hopefully this is it.

I make no promises for what I'll end up writing about here, and I'll make no claims of being predictable.  I like working out as much as I love eating cupcakes, which is a spectacular combination in my opinion.  I love my coffee to keep me awake (especially that White Mint Condition Mocha from Caribou today, yum...) as much as I love to curl up on my couch to nap under a pile of blankets.  I know how to bake and crochet, but I can give a man a run for his money with a hand tool.  I like my frilly dresses as much as I love my old ratty sweats, and the color pink as much as I love mud, dancing as much as a night in, and love my husband more than everything else in the world combined.  And don't be surprised if I talk about all of that on any given day.

Off to hit the elliptical... because eating ice cream on the couch during the Biggest Loser finale just seems wrong.

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