Thursday, December 16, 2010

My nervous face

I had my last final exam of the semester at 8am, and that wasn't the biggest the thing that happened this morning, not even close.  Today is a big, huge, monumental, will significantly impact my entire career kind of day!  We interviewed for our final clinical placements in early November.  I've been left twiddling my thumbs and majorly stressing since then.  Not that it takes much to stress me out, but this one really took the cake in that department.

A little birdy told me that we'd receive the big news by email no later than this Thursday (today).  So I've been pretending to forget about it.  Until this morning, in the middle of my exam, when I heard our clinical coordinator say in the hallway, "I just hit the button!"

What!?!  You hit the button?!  I think I almost vomited right there.  I still had more questions to answer; you can't push the button now!  I mad dashed to my car as soon as I finished and almost hyperventilated before I got home.

This lovely little piece of technology was waiting for me when I got there, holding my fate:
 Yes, I could have actually used THIS to check my email on my way home, that why I have it, right?  But I've heard having hysterical breakdowns while driving can be detrimental to my safety:
This is my nervous face; what I looked like before opening my email.  Coincidentally, this is also my "rolled out of bed at 7, went to class half asleep because it's an open book exam and it's only 12 degrees outside" face:
 But then my face went like this:
 And I think my eyes have jaundice, lovely.  The results were very good!  Not very very very good or even very very good, but I can settle for only one "very" when my other options are crappiest or crappierest.

That's me, Abigail, even though no one has called me that since approximately when I was in diapers:
The only important part of the whole shebang?  That my name is followed by the letters C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N.  Everything after that just tells me a location, but I would have pretty much had a rocking one woman pity party here without those letters.

Only downside of the whole deal?  I still have to push myself through one more semester of classes before I even get to start my rotation in April!  But then... it's a 12 month countdown to graduation, again.  I should find something creative to do with that growing collection of tassels...

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