Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Visual Aids

Here's looking back at a fabulous 2010... with pics that may or may not be at all related to the accompanying text and may or may not actually have been taken during said month, year, liftetime...

We rang in January at the cabin, I started my hardest semester of grad school yet, and I traveled to Baltimore to join some girls for the Cookie Lee Spring Launch.
February brought the great Snowpocalypse of 2010 and getting stranded in the snow while trying to make it to Washington DC.  It was also Valentine's Day, for which I can't remember what I gave, got, or did.
March gave me a small reprieve from the hardest semester of my long college career with Spring Break... and I am sure I spent the rest of my time studying Neurology.
I celebrated the official end of my first year of grad school in April.  I also celebrated my "little" sister turning the big 2-1.
May was the start of a very easy summer semester, and I spent all the extra days off working on the mile-long home to-do list we have by attempting to refinish our deck and fence.
I started my first full-time clinical position in June, and was reassured I am headed in the right career direction.  I also traveled to Boston for the first time, and spent most of the month as a single lady while the hubs was on the other side of the world in China.

If there's a "biggest" month award for 2010, it goes to the month of July.  I celebrated 3 wonderful years married to the hubs, welcomed my cousin's beautiful baby boy, and found out I would be a new aunt with my brother and SIL's announcement that they're expecting.  July also marked the end of my 3+ year job at the university, and we had a "roomie" staying with us temporarily from the University of Delaware.

There was lots of fun to be had in August with last ever "summer break", my first ever cruise with a vacation to the Caribbean, a family camping trip in Ohio, and lots of birthday and summer fun with friends and family.
September was the start of a new semester and the start of a new job, working with kids early on Saturday mornings playing games and teaching them how to swim. (Circa 1990-something)
There were no costumes in October this year, but I did spend Halloween weekend in New Jersey for another conference.
November brought my favorite holiday with Thanksgiving, and I believe I'm still recovering from the volume of pumpkin baked goods and pumpkin lattes that were consumed that month.
I finished off the year with a busy December full of holiday shopping, my first Steelers game, celebrations with friends, and a growing number of family Christmas parties.  Add that to the work holidays parties and NYE at the cabin, and I'd say we ended 2010 with a bang!

The one thing I didn't do in December?  Make any resolutions... let's see how that works out.

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