Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things that make me laugh

We're slowly being snowed into our house, but we got home early before it got too bad and my 10:30pm soccer game was canceled so now I don't have to feel guilty that I wasn't planning on going anyways since I literally slid down my road before strategically coming to a stop in my parking spot in the front yard even though my brakes were totally useless on the snow-covered road.

End run on sentence... here's a picture:
Apparently I can't take pictures through a window when it's dark outside.

Instead, some things that have been making me laugh a lot lately!

Exhibit A:  The picture that the hubs found at my parents' house, took a picture of, posted on Facebook, and shows to as many people as possible.  The flowered vest just exemplifies the fashion sense I had even back then...
Exhibit B: THIS website.  I've actually laughed myself to tears over this on numerous occasions recently.  PG-13, immature, and sometimes nonsensical perhaps.  But everyone deserves a mental break now and again.  One of my favorites today.

Exhibit C: These 2 fabulous ladies (it's genetic).  These young sprites took me out Saturday night to have some fun with the younger-than-me crowd.  We laughed so hard that I didn't even take any pictures that night... but here's my cousin and sister looking fabulous some other day.

Exhibit D: It may be because I actually worked in a research lab for over 3 years, or it may just be because I am a major nerd and love nerdy humor... but I'm laughing as I write this post thanks to these fellas.

Everyone needs a good laugh.  What's been making you let out a loud, obnoxious HAHA lately?

ETA: Have you seen the CBS Valentine's Day/prostate commercial?  As of 5 seconds ago I have, and I laughed, hard.  "Why give a diamond when you can give the family jewels."  Keep it classy CBS, and I think I'll take both, thanks.

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  1. Thank you for showing me that website. I'm trying not to laugh out loud at my desk and look crazy, lol.