Friday, January 14, 2011

The dangers of shopping

I think I acquired a shopping injury.  If the clothing you are holding in your right arm is making it go numb and twitch, it's probably time to stop shopping... or at least ask the salegirl for some help!  Lesson learned.  My arm was still a bit sore hours later.  Let's be honest though, I'm not actually a big "shopper".  I actually would love to be if I could, but grad students don't have money.  I do love a good sale though.

VS had an extra 50% off semi-annual sale prices.  Um, yes please.  I may or may not have left with 28 things in my bags.  Confession... that's the only reason I drove 20 minutes out of my way stopped at the mall on my drive home after class today. 

My favorite loot?  A Pitt hoodie and pair of pajama pants.  Nothing like showing school pride when no one can see it.  My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw the original price on the pants though... $59.50!  No wonder there were so many left.  Are there really normal people that choose to sleep in $60 pants?  They are comfy though, and for less than $15 they were mine!
I also found some super cute (and hopefully functional) pieces from the VSX line.  I'm really excited about this tank. 
 It has a built in sports bra but fits nice and loose through the body before gathering at the bottom.  It is also made of some very nice non-cotton material.  And since it was the awesome-happy-Friday price of just $6.50, you can bet I bought it in all 3 colors!
Hopefully they live up to my excitement when I actually put them to the test with a workout.  If not... I'll be returning whichever two I haven't christened with my sweat yet!


  1. Wow, I'm jealous! I was just at the mall (scoring good deals) but VS didn't have any Chicago Bears stuff & definitely not great deals on Iowa Hawkeye stuff. Boo that.

  2. That's funny because when I stopped in a VS store today they had a bunch of Chicago Bears hoodies. We couldn't figure out why they would have them here!