Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Let's pretend it's last Friday... because that's when this picture-happy post was written, and has since sat lonely waiting to be posted.

So the "getting snowed in" part was a little bit of an exaggeration, but we did get 6 inches or so, and I was more than happy to have nowhere to go this morning.  Instead I watched the Today show with oatmeal and a coffee.  The oatmeal didn't last long though.... gosh how I love breakfast.
 After I was all fueled up, it was time to head out in the tundra known as my front yard.  Step one, put on a hat and wool socks with your tank and shorts.  It's totally appropriate attire for single digit temps.
 Step two, cover up your workout gear and 99.9% of your body with a snowsuit.  Beanie on top optional.
Step three, start shoveling.  Don't be deceived by the areas cleared by the bone-chilling wind, there really was 6 inches everywhere else!
And soon enough, it looked like this...
Then I pulled my poor frozen car into the garage to thaw out.  Note to self: next house needs a TWO car garage!
Then it was time to get all prettied up to go apply for jobs.  I didn't think finding a little part-time job would be such a lengthy process... thankfully I only want a job and don't necessarily need one.
I passed this cute little Greek place on my way and was so excited to see a "now open" sign out front.  I've been hoping for months that the paper-covered windows meant they were opening soon and not recently shut down.  I was right- can't wait to try it!
One bajillion applications later, it was time for some serious...
...serious grocery shopping.
I also found an awesome deal along the way.  A super cute Pitt fleece for less than $5.  Have I mentioned lately how in love I am with Target?

ETA: I wore the new fleece to work on Saturday and had this conversation with one of my 4 year olds.
Kiddo: Why'd you stick your finger through your shirt?
Me: It's made like that to keep your hands warm.  See?
Kiddo: Oh. (20 second pause) But how do you take it off?  Don't your hands get stuck?

My 3-4 year olds totally make getting up at 7am every Saturday worth it!

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