Wednesday, January 26, 2011

to the Super Bowl we go!

I'm late with my public congratulations.
It's a given that we were celebrating in this household Sunday night.  We actually had a little party here and had 15 people squeezed into our living room to watch the game... and eat, a lot.  Unfortunately, we were so into the game that I completely forgot to take a single picture.  I can promise you though, I was all decked out though.
As usual...
Of course...
Confession: I was even wearing Steelers socks and undies.  Clearly I do this because my team may not have won had I not been wearing the proper underthings for good luck!

Now, onward to the Super Bowl boys!  And if a certain dimple-cheeked kicker wants to take me to Dallas for good luck, I think I'd be willing to oblige.  Sorry hubs, but I'm sure you understand.

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