Thursday, January 6, 2011

To prove to dad I'm not a fool

I should start by expressing my deepest, most profound apologies to the entire half of the room that appeared thoroughly disappointed when I walked in with all of my hair this morning.  Apparently asking for salon recs made my own friends believe I actually intended to do something with those recs in a timely manner.  You would think they would know my flaws better by now.  Maybe next week. 
Back to school today.  I think I had the fist day jitters, which really shouldn't happen when you've completed more college semesters than you have fingers.  Would it be beneficial to have 15 fingers anyways?

Nerd alert.  I even got out my new school bag, folders, and binders last night (thanks hubs for the presents!).  I laid them out on my bed with all the other necessities, just to be sure I didn't forget anything important.

No really, I did.
What I did forget though... was to remind the hubs we were carpooling this morning... until I was halfway ready and he was still in bed.  Oops.  Though I now know his secret: it doesn't really take him an hour to shower; he can do it in 10 minutes.  Busted!

He'll be "happy" to know he doesn't have to chauffeur carpool with me tomorrow.  This lucky lady gets an early weekend starting..... now.

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