Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

I love happy things, I love my favorite things, and I love Fridays.  So there's no denying that I couldn't help jumping on this fab idea from Hungry Runner Girl

It's Friday, and these are my three favorite things on this fabulous Friday.

1. Finding a meter spot close to school.  The close garages are expensive, and the cheap garages are far away.  Those metered spots, so lovely that they are, are hard to come by, and even moreso at 7am for some reason.  My poor frozen car had to sit outside and freeze some more, but I only had to walk half a block run half a block in the cold without a jacket every hour.  Score!  Poor car, at least it's the color of a snowball; it feels at home out there.

2. Second favorite thing today has to be lunch; food is always right up there near the top because eating can obviously only have positive effects on my body.  Sure, I could have eaten the yogurt, pear, and baby carrots with hummus that I packed.  But why do that to myself when I can be lured to Panera by friends.  French onion soup and the only potato chips that I even like, yes please!

3. My third and probably most exciting thing today is job offers.  Ok, so it was only one job offer, but a job nonetheless!  We'll keep the location underwraps, but suffice to say it will take mounds of self control to not spend my paychecks at the same place that gives them to me.  I'm really good at that, spending money that is.

Including when I buy shoes and show them off in store like a supermodel because clearly that's some supermodel gorgeous fashion and posing I'm working down the aisles.

Happy Friday!

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  1. First of all- How did I NOT know that you have a blog?!?!

    Second of all- I almost fell off the couch when I saw myself of SR! I posted the link to my blog- I never thought she would put it out there! Love it!!