Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's naked!

It's naked!  My neck is totally naked!

This is me before walking out the door last night.  I pretty much strongarmed the hubs into driving me to the mall in a snowstorm actually, and for that reason, he's awesome.  Just ignore the fact that I thought my dishes drying served as the appropriate backdrop.

See all that hair all up in my face!
Well, now it's sitting in a plastic bag instead.
All 11+ inches of it!

I think the hubs may have even taken some pics/videos while I was sitting in the chair just before the big cut.  To be honest though, I had my eyes closed and was trying to resume breathing while simultaneously stopping my heart palpitations.

You may wonder how this happened.  The short answer is that I have Wednesdays off, and I had nothing better to do than find hairstyles online and go to the mall.  The longer version is that I started growing my hair out pre-wedding.  After only getting a few cuts after that, I decided I wanted to grow it out and donate.  I've been ridiculously frustrated with the massive mop of hair and came close to giving up so many times.  I held off though, and I was shocked when my stylist measured out my braid to 11 inches!  The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program only requires a min of 8 inches, so they got an extra 3 just for fun!

New year, new 'do, and I'm loving it!

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  1. Wow! What a huge change- looks great :) Someday I'll donate too, good to know Pantene only requires 8 inches. I definitely have that now, but am not ready to cut.