Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing it up

Confession: I never made it onto the elliptical last night.

So my exercise hiatus lasted a day longer than planned, but I'm not counting it as a failure.  I had my butt moving first thing out of bed this morning.  I wore the new pink VSX tank from this post, and I loved it.  I also attempted to workout pre-breakfast, and have decided to never ever attempt that feat again.  I need my morning fuel before anything productive gets done!

I talked a day or so ago about starting fresh in the kitchen.  I've always tried to keep lots of veggies around and cook in a somewhat healthy fashion, but for every healthy dinner there was also something fried and smothered in cheese and bacon.  I've slowly been trying to make changes rather than a huge overhaul, but something new has got me moving at a faster pace.

The hubs has joined a "Biggest Loser" challenge with some friends and former coworkers, and the top weight loss percentage in the next 6 months comes with a generous prize in paper form (read: cash or check).  Seeing as I'm pretty much the sole cook in the house, I agreed to be on board with helping him out.  After all, I'm helping me out too, and making us both healthier and happier!

Neither of us are too shabby to begin with I don't think:
But we don't look like we did when we got married:
And we definitely don't look like we did way back 7 years ago when we were just getting to know one another.  Nor do we dress like that anymore- er, that was the style back then, right?  When it's February and like 5 degrees outside?
Anyways, love can put the pounds on, and we're working not just to take them off, but to be healthier people. 

The Biggest Loser challenge only started this past Friday, but we've already been trying all sorts of new recipes.  Tonight was pineapple chicken and it was so juicy and delicious.  We've also been trying new foods altogether.  Like Monday night's quinoa:
And last weekend's edamame, which coincidentally not only is delicious but also fun to say and eat!
Sadly, that also means a lot less of this:
... and this :(
And it'll be worth it to lay by the pool looking like this again on our next vacation:
Ok, ok, you caught me, that's not us.  It was the blonde hair that gave it away, huh?

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