Saturday, January 8, 2011


Good News: My rec soccer league started a new session Thursday night.

Good News: We won.

Good News: I blocked a shot late in the game.

Bad News: I used the side of my head.

I've been playing soccer competitively for nearly 20 years.  Over those years, it has been the source of many friendships and memories.  It was my motivator and tuition-funder through much of college.  And it continues to  be my go-to stress reliever and fun every Thursday night. 

Unfortunately it's also been the source of much pain infliction on my body.  Breaks, tears, sprains, concussions... I could have been a permanent fixture in the AT's room.  I spent the end of most college seasons on the bench and sporting fashionable accessories like this one:
It's pretty much been enough to drive the hubs and my mom crazy from time to time.  The love me, which is pretty awesome, but it's hard to explain why you insist on continuing on with your passion even when it can cause physical harm.

On the plus side, the co-ed rec league I play in is generally pretty laid back and fun.  Let's be honest, I'm often on the younger side compared to those joining me out on the field.  We're old and wise enough to know what our bodies can handle!

Occasionally though, you put your head in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you drag your butt off the ground with an ear that looks like.... well.... this....
Cute little red thing, isn't it?  Thankfully it's usually only about half that size on any given day, and I found a new use for my Bondi Band as way to hold an ice pack on my head hands-free!  Though with the puncture wound that came from having earrings in, well, I've learned my lesson there!

I could have dealt with the puncture and swelling though- those will go away.  What I wasn't ready for?  The post-concussive outofthisworldpainful migraine that set in the next day.  Around noon yesterday I called the hubs at work, while curled up in the fetal position on my couch, and told him he needed to take me to the hospital NOW.

This is about where I had flashbacks to my TBI lectures.  I had visions of brain hemorrhaging and swelling and brainstem failure in my head.  I think there's a point, as a (soon to be) medical professional, that you realize that sometimes you just know too much for your own good.  Yesterday was one of those times; I'll admit I was freaking out a bit.

Thankfully I lucked out and got the most wonderful group of people taking care of me in the ER.  God Bless the sweet woman that made a point to put me in the most "out of the way" room, closed the door, and turned the lights out.  There is a special place in heaven for her!

In the end... my CT showed that I do in fact have a brain, and it is just fine.  I also learned that Reglan and Benadryl (neither being  medication for migraines) given together will both get rid of your migraine and make you feel like you just drank an entire bottle of wine!

And today... I just feel a bit fogged with a dull headache.  The biggest downer for me is that this means I can't play soccer or workout at all for at least another week, and perhaps a bit longer depending on how long the headaches decide to hang around.  Stir Crazy here I come!

Anyone else find themselves continuing on with their passion or taking up risky hobbies because their passion outweighs the risks?

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